I’ve been thinking a lot about essential oils and want to share information that most people most likely don’t fully understand the quantumness of this alternative healing modality. Let’s start at the beginning: Essential oils come from plants, flowers, shrubs, root & etc. Their “life-blood”, like ours os essential to the life of these plants. When cut, torn, wounded, like humans, a white or clear liquid rushes to the area. This liquid is full of chemical compounds to help the plant heal.

There are so many chemical compounds in essential oils. For example; a common oil like lavender has over 200 compounds. Chemical compounds in essential oils are usually in the form of benzene rings, with double-bonded molecules and/or short chains. This helps to make the oils be quickly absorbed through the skin and into the blood stream. Other oils (that are not essential), like vegetable oil has larger molecules and sits on the skin much longer. What most people don’t know is essential oils are quantum by nature that is why I use them when doing reflexology. Will explain that in my next post. Contact me if you know of someone that wants to be healed in a quantum way.